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Integrated Researchers [Top]
      Ricardo J. Machado - Group Leader

    DEng, MSc, PhD, MOEng, SMIEEE
    Affiliation: U.Minho-DSI Faculty Member (Associate Professor)

    Software Engineering (model-driven development, requirements engineering, software quality); Embedded Software (behavioral specification with Petri nets, design automation, simulation & validation); Industrial Information Systems (pervasive workflows, mobility scenarios, technology integration & interoperability)

    Since: Jul-2001
    Email: rmac@dsi.uminho.pt
    Web: http://www.dsi.uminho.pt/~rmac

      Maribel Yasmina Santos

    DEng, MSc, PhD, MOEng
    Affiliation: U.Minho-DSI Faculty Member (Assistant Professor)

    Business Intelligence; Spatial Databases; Spatial Data Analysis; Data Warehousing

    Since: Feb-2009
    Email: maribel@dsi.uminho.pt
    Web: http://www.dsi.uminho.pt/~maribel

      Alexandre Bragança

    DEng, MSc, PhD
    Affiliation: ISEP-DEI Faculty Member (Adjunct Professor)

    Model-Driven Software Development; Software Architectures

    Since: Sep-2002
    Email: alex@dei.isep.ipp.pt
    Web: http://www.dei.isep.ipp.pt/~alex/

Collaborating Researchers [Top]

  Research Assistants [Top]

  Former Researchers [Top]
      João Álvaro Carvalho - also member of the KISS research group

    DEng, MSc, PhD, DSc, MOEng, MIEEE

    Requirements Engineering; Information Systems Development

    Since: Jul-2001
    Email: jac@dsi.uminho.pt
    Web: http://www.dsi.uminho.pt/~jac/

      Isabel Ramos - also member of the KISS research group

    DLic, MSc, PhD

    Requirements Engineering

    Since: 06-2003
    Email: iramos@dsi.uminho.pt
    Web: http://www.dsi.uminho.pt/~iramos

      Helena Rodrigues - also member of the UBICOMP research group

    DEng, MSc, PhD

    Software Architectures; Distributed Information Systems

    Since: 01-2004
    Email: helena@dsi.uminho.pt
    Web: http://www.dsi.uminho.pt/~helena

      João Miguel Fernandes - also member of the CCTC's FAST research group

    DEng, MSc, PhD

    Software Engineering, Embedded Software, Software Modeling, Software Process and Management, Methodologies for System Development

    Since: 01-2004
    Email: jmf@di.uminho.pt
    Web: http://www.di.uminho.pt/~jmf

      Alexandre Rodrigues - Former Staff


    DEng, PhD, MOEng

    Software Project Management

    Period: 07-2001 : 12-2004


      José Luís Pereira - Former Staff


    DEng, MSc, PhD

    Cooperative Information Systems

    Period: 07-2001 : 12-2004


      Nuno Silva - Former MSc Student


    DEng, MSc

    Software Evolution; Software Patterns

    Period: 11-2003 : 02-2006


      Alfredo Norton Costa - Former MSc Student



    EIA UML Profile

    Period: 10-2002 : 12-2004


      Kennedy Ismael - Former MSc Student



    EDOC UML Profile

    Period: 10-2002 : 12-2004


      Fernando Lira - Former MSc Student



    Software Quality; Software Project Management

    Period: 11-2002 : 12-2004