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5th SAM - SEMAG* & Friends Annual Meeting

29/Dec/2009, DSI Auditorium, 14.30 - 18.30


14.30-15.00 SEMAG: Past, Present and Future
         14.30-14.45 presentation by Ricardo J. Machado (UM-DSI)
         14.45-15.00 q&a

15.00-16.00 Systematic Use of Software Development Patterns through a
           Multilevel and Multistage Classification
         15.00-15.45 presentation by Sofia Azevedo (UM/DSI/SEMAG & PBSS)
         15.45-16.00 q&a

16.00-17.00 An Interpretation of the Role of Information Systems in the
           Dynamic and Changing of the Educating City: Contributes for
           Glocal Development
         16.00-16.45 presentation by Isabel Viana (UM/IEdu)
         16.45-17.00 q&a

17.00-17.15 Break

17.15-18.15 Debate on "Software as a Service: an Engine for Glocal
        panel: Sofia Azevedo (UM/DSI/SEMAG & PBSS)
                   Isabel Viana (UM/IEdu)
        moderator: Ricardo J. Machado (UM-DSI)

18.15-18.30 Closing Session

* SEMAG  - Software Engineering and Management Research Group

5th SAM