SEMAG was founded in July of 2001 as a special interest group within the Dept. of Information Systems,
School of Engineering - University of Minho, Portugal.

SEMAG is a formal R&D group of ALGORITMI Centre, School of Engineering - University of Minho, Portugal.

Currently, SEMAG is a research group devoted to the advance of the state-of-the-art of software-based information systems, both on the engineering and management aspects of the following research tracks:
  • modeling approaches for analysis and design;
  • business and location-enhanced database systems;
  • metadata and ontologies for the semantic Web;
  • process and project management life-cycles.
Research Approach

SEMAG conducts its research activities towards the methodological (requirements, analysis, design) and organizational (management, quality and standards) issues related with the software engineering discipline in the information systems application domain, and adopts the empirical and experimental research approaches.

In concrete, SEMAG supports research projects mainly framed by the design science research method and their variants; occasionally, the case study and the action research methods are also adopted.

Details on Research Topics

Modeling Approaches for Analysis and Design: domain engineering and business ontologies; meta-modeling and model transformation; patterns and system architecture; data-intensive systems

Maturity and Management Models for Team Capability Improvement: ISO/OMG/SEI standards; cost models; project and process management.

Methodologies for Information Systems Deployment: process modeling and dynamics of information flow; enterprise software architectures; traceability and ubiquitous business processes; systems validation.

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